Dr. Dre's Top Ten Tips To Thin

Most of us have tried and failed at dieting but we still keep looking for the "perfect" plan.  For years I thought finding the right diet meant that I would want to stick to it forever.  Some plans came close but no matter how hard I tried I also ended up repeating my old eating behaviors.  Those same ones that resulted in weight gain in the first place.  I felt like something was wrong with me not realizing the system is built on failure.  I mean come on, when was the last time you jumped at a solution that offered you a lousy success rate of a whopping ONE percent?  But yet, we keep buying into the diet industry and following the newest fads and becoming disappointed yet again with ourselves  when we don't reach our goals. 

What if I told you there was a better way to lose weight that didn't require starving yourself, eating frozen dinners or mixing up weird shakes?  What if you could lose weight with real food?   I know it's hard to believe but it starts with throwing out everything you think you know about weight loss and ends with believing in yourself.  It's time to stop beating yourself up  and start living your best life.  Read on for my TOP TEN TIPS TO THIN.

TIP #1

Stop dieting. Seriously diets don't work.  The research over the past 50 years has irrefutably demonstrated that trying to lose weight by restricting your caloric intake won’t help you lose weight.  Our bodies have evolved to survive starvation.  When we lose weight by “dieting”, our metabolism slows and we become increasingly hungry.  It is hard to beat millions of years of evolution so stop trying.  Instead, learn how to use food as it was meant to be, fuel for your body.  By following my plan, you will be able to use the energy that you already have stored, your fat, to fuel your energy needs and continue to eat.  How?  Read on.

TIP #2

Here’s the toad in all of this. In order to use fat as fuel, you have to teach your body to stop using short-term sugar as an energy source.  The only way to do this is to stop eating flour and sugar.  I don't mean the "but I don't eat bread or donuts"  type of elimination.  This means buckling down and consuming ZERO flour or added sugar of any kind for a short period of time.   How do you do this?  Start by reading labels.  Look for anything that has flour or added sugar.  By the way, 80% of the food on the grocery store shelves contains sugar.  Think of this as your chance to become a detective.  Learn what you've been putting into your mouth and into your body.  Look, I know this process sucks for the first week or so but then you get energy, clarity and release from hunger.  Trust me on this one, you will feel so much better.  

TIP #3

When you stop eating flour and sugar, make sure you add in healthy fats. I know the eighties demonized fat but fat is what makes our food tastes good and convinces our brains that we aren't hungry.   Now some types of fats  aren't good for your cardiovascular health but healthy fats are necessary especially ones containing Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna and walnuts.  Other foods containing healthy fats include olives and olive oil, nuts and nut butters, fatty fish, flax seed oil.  Even small amounts of full fat dairy can be incorporated into your plan.

TIP #4

Eat protein.  Anything that crawls, swims, flies or has a mother contains protein.  Nuts, beans and legumes are good sources of protein as well but make sure you eat protein in its natural form.   It does not include protein powder, bars, supplements or other fake food.  Have you read the ingredient list on any of those protein bars lately? WOAH.  That isn't real food.

TIP #5 

Stop snacking all the time. Do not eat between or after meals.  If you are getting hungry between meals, add more fat to your meals.  Learn to identify true physical hunger and use this as your guide. 

TIP #6

Drink more water. Drink enough water that your urine is clear.  Stop drinking sweetened beverages of any kind and stop drinking your calories.  Soda, diet or otherwise is out as are the energy or water drinks that are sweetened with fake sugar.   Consider lowering or stopping your alcohol intake especially if you are using alcohol to buffer your emotions. 


TIP #7

Understand the underlying reason behind weight gain is overeating. By overeating I mean providing more fuel to your body than you need.  Instead of trying to correct overeating by simply reducing your caloric intake, I want you to learn how to fuel your body properly (see tips 2-6).  It is also vital to realize that overconsumption of highly processed foods can occur when we learn to use food to feel better. We learn this from an early age because it works in the short term.  Long term it leads to weight gain and compounds whatever negative emotion we are trying to avoid. The challenge is to become aware of how we are using food to feel better and to figure out another way to solve our problems.  In my program I help my clients get in touch with what drives our emotional eating and offer a simple but life changing method to eliminate emotional eating. 

TIP #8

Start having a better relationship with yourself. Negative self talk has never resulted in weight loss.  You need to become your biggest supporter and ally.  Decrease the stress in your life by meditating, yoga or walking your dog.  Get more than 7 ½ hours of sleep.  Seriously.  Get more sleep.  Start to practice keeping your word to yourself.  Exercise to feel better, not to lose weight.

TIP #9

You can start the process of weight loss today without changing anything by writing down what you eat and drink.  Seriously.  Recognition and awareness are the first steps on the road to success.  It's hard to change a behavior if you don't know what it is.  Most of our eating habits have been with us for 20, 30 or even 40 years. It will take time to reconfigure how your brain thinks.  

Try not to groan out loud.  Writing it all down is simple if you don't have to weigh and measure.  Just write what and  when.  You are a detective.  Collect your evidence but avoid apps that make you track calories. 

TIP #10

Realize that weight loss is a lifelong process. I want you to become an expert on your own nutritional needs.  Food will become fuel and not something that you desire above all else.  I know sometimes food feels like it controls us but know that food does not have any power outside of your own brain.  My clients will agree that learning the skills to feel in control around food is freeing.  You can learn to have a craving and not feel like you are fighting tooth and nail to resist it.  That's just resistance.   You can learn to feel an urge or a craving and let it pass.  How much time would you gain in your life if you stopped thinking about food all of the time? 


So here you have it, 10 ways to blast off weight. If you follow these tips you will lose weight.  If you are interested in working with me individually or learning more about my method, schedule a free consult.  20 minutes to change your life.  How can you argue with that?    Haven’t you wasted enough time on methods for weight loss that don't work? 

Let's make this the first day of the last time you have to lose weight. 

XO,  Dre

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