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healing intentions jackie blue handmade Jan 10, 2022
One Word bracelets by Jackie Blue Handmade

Last week I mentioned my One Word, HEALING, as my guide to 2022.  One relationship I want to heal is the one with social media.  Like everyone else I can fall down a rabbit hole of nonsense and come out of it feeling frazzled from the rapid influx of information, depressed from the departure of journalistic integrity in the so called news, and guilty for wasting precious time on crap.  My social media platform of choice is The Facebook because, according to my kids, I’m old.  I’d like to tweet and IG but I don’t really want to learn a new soc.  Like many of you, I’m in it to keep up with friends and family and FB seems to be the easiest way.  


In an attempt to decrease my endless scrolling I took FaceBook off of my phone and now how to log in and log out every time I want to view anything.  My password is long and arduous and couldn’t possibly be something I could remember with my brain.  In other words, it’s hard as hell for me to access.   It’s a good thing too because I went on The FB the other day to post something about my new website and realized an hour later that I hadn’t even gone to A Better Weigh MD.  Do you know what pulled me out of my scrolling reverie?  A reminder of my intention for 2022 for HEALING. 


Call it kismet or serendipity but I stumbled across a new post on Jackie Blue Handmade in which she featured One Word bracelets.  Nothing like seeing HEALING in beautiful bead form to remind me of my desired focus.  I needed to close out FB, and I did, and focus on more important things like exercise and meditation (and buying bracelets - ).  In essence, I needed to be more intentional.   I also started thinking about the word intention and how it speaks to me so much more than resolution.  Intention has potential and possibility whereas resolution has an endpoint and a goal.  


For me, the idea of potential and possibility gives me more flexibility and less black and white.  Intention allows for messing up and stumbling.  I don’t have to journal perfectly.  I don’t have to meditate daily.  I don’t have to beat myself up if I eat off plan.  I don’t have to reach a finite goal in a finite timeframe.  An intention can be reframed and reshaped and can be a way of life whereas a resolution can either be accomplished or not.  I think I’m through with being resolved to lose weight but rather I intend to figure out how to eat for my body’s needs and improve my relationship with food.  


The road to hell might be paved with good intentions but the road to freedom around food can be too.  

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