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Super Bowl Sunday

parties super bowl tips Feb 13, 2022

I recently heard that Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in the amount of food Americans buy and consume.  I. Was. Skeptical.  I don’t consider SBS a holiday and while I have attended a party or two, I don’t remember the gluttony being off the charts.  I did some research.  What I really mean is I looked at the internet and the first 10 hits seemed to confirm this trivia as fact, at least over the past couple of years.  I remained a doubting Thomas.  Really?  How much damn food can one put away in a several hour sitting?  I mean I can see some grazing and snacking during the game but they evidently have never seen me put away candy at Halloween.  


Forbes had an article from 2016 that claimed SBS is ranked as the #6th most calorific day for Americans.  Besides the author of the article, anyone else ever used the word calorific?  Yeah, me neither.  At least they had a registered dietician to break it down by food and she estimated 3600 + calories but she only had one pint of beer.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t run with a rowdy crowd.  As an exercise in shock and awe, I have decided to compare two parties.  One from when I was 21 and one mythical one for today.  Let’s see how it breaks down.


Super Bowl Party as a 21 year old:

3 brownies (390 calories)

Chips and Guacamole (300 calories)

1 beer (150 calories)

Pigs in a blanket 3 (210 calories)

Chicken wings (5) 500 calories

Nachos with all the stuff ( about 6 of them 400 calories)

A football shaped cookie (220 calories)

Tequila shot (100 calories)

Another beer (150 calories/pint)

Handful of nuts (420 calories)


Super Bowl Party now:

Handful of mixed nuts (210 calories for 1/4 cup)

Veggies with ranch (200 calories)

Chips and Guacamole (300 calories)

Little smokies cleansed of grape jelly and BBQ sauce (5 links are 140 calories)

Cheese (115 calories)

Sparkling water or if I am going all out diet coke

Fruit (100 calories)


Jeezus Beezus.  Even now my measly list is well over 1000 calories and we all know how a 1/4 cup of nuts ends of being more like a cup.  This little exercise has reinvigorated my decision to not attend any SB party or any party at all that isn’t a sit down dinner.  I guess tonight I’ll just eat my regular dinner and skip the snackie snacks.  I might have to have a little bit of guac when I’m watching the commercials on YouTube but otherwise I think I’ll just stick to the plan.  


So, what can YOU do if you have to attend a Super Bowl party?  I’ve got a few ideas.

  1. Decide you are going to the party to hang out with friends or to watch the half time show, I mean game.
  2. Don’t go hungry.  You’ve made this mistake at the grocery store before and look what happened.
  3. Decide if you want to eat food, drink alcohol or eat dessert.  Pick only one.  
  4. Whatever you decide, make a plan.  Decide to have only 3 beers or 1 brownie or 1 protein.  Stick to the plan no matter what.
  5. Drink a big glass of water with a lime wedge when you get to the party.
  6. DO NOT GRAZE.  
  7. Eat only when you are hungry.
  8. Stop when you are full.  
  9. Take one plate, fill it with a reasonable amount of food and then sit down and eat it like a civilized person.  
  10. Eat veggies with dip, plain fruit or even guacamole.  Stay away from Lil’ Smokies of any form.  
  11. You never have to eat bread or crackers.  Get creative.  
  12. One handful of nuts only and one palm full of cheese.  
  13. If someone brings your FAVORITE FOOD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, take some home.  Bring your own container.  It will give people something to talk about.  
  14. Watch the game, the commercials and the freaky half time show.  Go home when the game is over.  


Parties can be hard especially if you are an introvert.  Give yourself an opportunity to take a break from the festivities by going outside or spending an extra minute in the bathroom.  Don’t use the food to cure your social anxiety.  Don’t use the food to keep from having to talk to strangers.  Remember the SUPER BOWL is a game.  You can watch and cheer and have a great time without having to unbutton your pants because you ate too much.  


Now go have a great time and GO SAINTS!


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