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Failures and Medicine Dispensers

failures grace success weight loss Jan 17, 2022

Confession time. I am now of the age where I need one of those divided medication dispensers.  It’s a seven days a week with four different time slots kind of contraption.  I’m pretty healthy but there comes a decade where you need one of these contraptions and I’m there.  I got this puppy so I could try to reach my goal of taking all of my medication, vitamins and supplements for an entire week.  Today, I am announcing for the first time ever, I had an empty dispenser to fill for the week!  I’m a winner baby but  IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY.  


First I put away my pride and purchased the dispenser.  I needed an easy way to grab all of my meds so I then had to go to Target to get some containers for my bathroom cabinet.  Actually, I had to go twice as I forgot to measure the first time around.  Having all the bottles in one place certainly made filling the dispenser easier.  I also created the habit of a Sunday morning ritual that includes refilling my dispenser.  That’s taken some time and some “remember to do” lists and the threat of no coffee if I don’t fill first.  


It took me some time to figure out where each pill would live.  I don’t like to actually take medication so I can’t take too many pills at one time.  I tried using all four slots but I never remembered the noon dose.  I either forgot to put the pill case in my bag or it never made it out of my bag.  I typically wouldn’t remember until the next day so then I would miss noon, evening and bedtime. Three times a day seemed to work the best.  Morning for my necessary medication like my antihistamine.  After work for the vitamins and medications for my heart health.  This tended to be tricky to remember to I have it where I can see it every time I wash my hands.  I would sometimes put it off until the next time I washed my hands so now I keep a glass by my sink which means that  I can take the evening vitamins as soon as I see them.


The hardest nut to crack was the nighttime medication.  In part because I always take my fish oil at night and I hate the fish oil.  I paired it with something I need, like my hormone, but trust me when I tell you I don’t need to miss my estrogen.  Finally I settled on my vitamin D.  It’s a small pill so it pairs well with the two fish oil horse pills. I think it makes me feel better so I have some extra motivation to take it.  


To summarize my endeavor, I figured out not one but two organizing systems.  I experimented with different times and different combinations to finally find the one that works the best for me.  I created several habits (and lists) to help me remember.  When I would forget, I’d note why it happened and think about a way to problem solve.  If I forgot whole days, I’d shrug my shoulders, take what was necessary and try again the next day.  I didn’t spend ANY time making negative comments to myself or making myself feel like something was wrong with me.  I just kept trying and little by little I figured out what worked.  It has taken me over a year but when I saw that empty dispenser this morning, meaning I had taken 100% of my weekly medicine, I was filled with pride, joy and a new found sense of confidence.  Ok, not really but it was nice to finally achieve my goal.  When I reflect back on the process, I realize that this is the same process I instruct my clients to do when we are figuring out what will help them lose weight the best.


We make a plan and we try it out.  If it doesn’t work, we figure out why and solve for a different solution.  We try that new solution and re evaluate.  If that doesn’t work we try something else.  We use all of the tools we need to create the mindset, the motivation and the resilience to fail.  This process continues over and over until we get it right.  In essence, we fail until we don’t.  We don’t make a failure mean that something is wrong with us.  Failure is the way to succeed and if you want to learn to lose weight for good you have to learn to fail with grace.  Give yourself love and support not negative self talk.  Look for solutions instead of beating yourself up for not getting it right this time.  I want you to commit to failing with grace this week.  When something doesn’t go as plan, figure out why and casually make a little tweak.  You are not allowed to say one negative thing to yourself if you mess up.  Do not make a single failure mean you are a failure.  You are not broken.  There is nothing to fix and you only have to fail until you don’t.


Fail away my friends,



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