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focus healing health one word Jan 03, 2022

A New Year gives us a good excuse for a new start.  2021 was kind of a crap year so I’m certainly ready for a brand new start.  How about you?  Are looking forward to creating new goals for your year?  Do you make a resolution list?  I generally don’t because I learned a long time ago that a resolution list for me was more like a wish list.  Resolution implies RESOLVE and by mid January I found myself ready to throw in the towel.  Over time I stopped making a resolution list but without a focused goal I found myself being pulled in too many directions.  I wasn’t getting things done because I had too many ideas or projects to get done.  Fortunately for me  I belong to an amazing group of womentrepreneurs.  They are on fire!  At our last meeting, one of the members suggested we read “One Word To Change Your Life”.  


At first I was skeptical.  What one word could change my life?  The book is slim and I was glad.  I really didn’t want to spend a bunch of time reading about a concept that seemed crazy.  But, I believe in the wisdom of the group and sat down to read it.  I discovered the idea behind the book is to CHOOSE one word that will embody your commitment for the next year.  The book suggests spending some time in contemplation to figure out what speaks to you, what gives you your why.  I had just read the chapter about creating time for introspection and I was hit out of the blue with the idea that my word would be HEALING.  The book talks about six life categories to focus your attention on and they include financial, emotional, physical, relationships, spiritual and one that is slipping my mind.  While I thought about what healing meant to me in terms of progress I wanted to make through the year I found my brain creating lots of interesting metaphysical ideas.  As our brains are designed to do, my brain had gone to work looking for problems and solutions.  Instead of looking at weight loss as a goal I could envision weight loss in terms of healing my relationship with food and stress.  I could look at healing my financial life by creating a budget and sticking to it.  I could practice the healing nature of meditation.  I found ways to incorporate my One Word in to all facets of my life.  So why am I telling you all this?  First, because the book says to share your word to the people around you who count. This will allow you to have both support and accountability.   Second, because I would like for you to consider what your one word is for this year.  Think hard about something you need more of in your life and see if you can distill your resolution list down to one simple word.  For me, one word for the whole year gives a sense of hope, peace and passion instead of dread, procrastination and rebellion.  Hello 2022, I’ve got my one word and I can't be stopped.  

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