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Websites and weight loss...

creativity rocket blog websites weight loss Dec 31, 2021

Can I just vent on how creating a website is a lot like weight loss?  In my mind, I think creating a website should take about two weeks which is also the amount of time I think it should take to drop 10 pounds.  My plan was to launch my new site on December 1st and to have lost my Covid 10 by December 31st.   Here I am, into the new year and still struggling to launch this website and still carting around my Covid 10 and maybe a few extra for good measure.  Here we are though at the very beginning of 2022 and I am feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  Nothing is as easy as it should be.  Every time I think I'm close to launching the site or close to losing the weight some road block pops up.  A link doesn't work or I forgot my lunch.  A Call To Action button goes to a 404 page or I eat to + 5.   I'm exasperated with forms that don't work and journaling that doesn't happen. I'm over it! 

Fun fact though, I'm creating this drama all on my own.  I can hit publish and launch my website at anytime.  It's not perfect but it's done.  I can return to planning my food and writing down what I actually eat.   So what is holding me back?  Why my big ole brain of course.  I promise, it's not the holidays, or delivering babies, or  being tired.  It's certainly not that tired story I tell myself how I'm not tech savvy.  Nope.  It's just how I'm thinking about both.  My brain has me believing that launching a website AND losing 10 pounds is HARD.  And if I think something is going to be hard then it will be.  Time for a come to Jesus moment with my brain.  Creating a website unleashes my creativity (and keeps me off the streets).  Following my eating plan allows me freedom from food.  Neither of those things sound particularly hard.  

Welcome to the Rocket Blog and welcome to my musings on weight loss.  Let's have a helluva 2022.  

XO, Dre

PS If you can't wait for another post go check out my YouTube channel, A Better Weigh MD TV.  60 weeks to long term weight loss success!

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