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One on One Coaching

Coaching is the difference between losing weight and keeping it off permanently.  Most of my clients are rock stars at weight loss.  As your coach, I am going to help you become the rock star of your life.  Together we explore how your beliefs and habits are created from a young age and how these same beliefs and habits keep you stuck repeating the same behavior and getting the same result.  

Your brain is the key to your longterm weight loss success.  As your coach I help you unlock the power of your thoughts so YOU create the motivation and drive to reach your weight loss goal.  I help you see how you are using food to feel joy, reduce stress and relieve boredom and I teach you a different way.  A better way to a better weight.  


Twice a week we meet over the ZOOM platform to discuss what you need to focus on.  Maybe it's a celebration coming up or your mother-in-law coming to visit.  I'm here to help.  Your sessions are scheduled when it's convenient for you even if your schedule is ever changing.  I strive to be flexible which means that I'm available even when we aren't meeting.  You will have access to me through email coaching at anytime.  I'm just a click away.