A Better Weigh MD

16 weeks to success

The only weight loss program designed by an Advanced Certified Physician Weight Loss Coach to help women over 40 beat the hormones and lose weight permanently.

You know how to lose weight because you've done it all before.  Diets work until life happens and then they don't.  You struggle to regain momentum and control but you know deep down the hot mess express of dieting has failed you again.

If you are now over 40......

You wonder if the hormones wreaking havoc on your mood and sleep might be impacting your weight.  More and more you are turning to food (or wine) to relieve your stress and overwhelm.

You are right where you need to be. A Better Weigh MD is indeed a better way to lose weight.  I've got your back sister.     

By the end of 4 months with me

    you will have participated in an individualized coaching program to help you…


  • Develop  an individualized food plan that accounts for your tastes and lifestyle

    Allowing you to lose weight without hunger or pain.
  • Learn why diets don't work long term

    and why  hormone changes make it harder to lose weight as you get older
  • Reboot your metabolism

    so you can lose weight without starving yourself or having to over exercise
  • Decrease your cravings and 

    created control around food
  • Create motivation methods to plan your food

    and  determination to stay on your plan. 
  • Eliminate the drama around  food and created the skillset to keep off weight permanently.  


 "This program helped me handle stressful situations and deal with my feelings in a productive means so that I could work through the problem and make valued actions for myself.  I learned to value myself and make me time.  The models supplied give me a template to deal with good and bad events and emotions to have positive outcomes and deal with life happenings daily.

I learned to be the owner of my emotions and with that, control all the actions of my body.  Eating is just one part of the program;  Learning the model supplied me with a template to deal with both good and bad events and all of the emotions. I control my feelings and actions.  Learning how to deal with emotional eating has helped me much more that I could have ever imagined.  This program revealed the positive and productive person  that I am and helps me  maintain that positivity. 

Since learning not to want sugar and most processed foods I am less stressed, have lost my bloating feelings and have more energy.  I feel healthy and satisfied and do not have cravings.  Food is just for my body to function.  Nothing more, so I think of food as  fuel for living and not a reason to live!  Eat what nourishes the body and nothing more.  My weight has come off and I do not struggle to keep it off..."

Beth H.  

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I did not realize that my mind controlled so much of my eating, until I started this program. The things I tell myself to sabotage my goals, is crazy. I am so thankful to have tools now to redirect my thoughts . I am so thankful for Dr. Moore’s direction.

Ladonna B




Thanks to Dr. Moore's program, I've learned the importance of planning for success. I have the tools to collect and examine data which guides my progress.  I learned to challenge my own thoughts and ideas in order to make decisions which support my goals. So far I've lost over 40 pounds, but I've gained confidence and love for myself! 
And just because I'm so proud of myself....I went to the  Smoky Mountains for the weekend.  I got to splurge a little on my plan, but still planned good choices. I lost 0.2 pounds. :)
- Kim A.

Maintaining my motivation with Dr Andrea Moore has given me the success of losing 53 pounds!  It’s because of her grace, much knowledge and science that keeps me going!  

- Lisa P.


Here's what you get when you join my program:

It pays to work with a certified weight loss coach who has special training in the science of obesity;  I know how hard it is to get started, to lose weight during menopause and keep it off for good. I've been there and I've been through it. 

 In the first month I set you up for success by working with you to create a protocol that you can follow.  You design what works so you know you can continue to follow the plan even after the program ends.  You will find losing weight easier than it has ever been before and you will learn how food can be used to reset your metabolism.  From the start we work on your why: Why you are overeating and why you are eating against your will.  Getting to the root of what drives you to either overeat or eat the wrong thing is crucial to permanent weight loss.


Month 1

Reset and Reboot

Module Description: Month one is all about setting you up for success by changing your metabolism so you can be a fat burner.

Module Highlights:

  • Create an individualized protocol
  • Change your neural pathways
  • Retrain hunger signals
Month 2


Month two is where you learn to develop an awareness of how you are using food to feel better.  Together we will work on why you currently over eat.  

Module Highlights:


  • Awareness of why you emotionally eat
  • Learn better skills to manage feelings
  • Understand why urgency drives eating
Month 3

Relationships and Resistance

Month three helps you create the relationship you want with your self and others.  You will learn why resistance creates so much drama and trauma in your life. 

Module Highlights:

  • Develop deep integrity to self
  • Strengthen relationships with others
  • Learn how resistance can drive self-sabotage


Month 4


Month 4 will have you starting the process of shedding your former self and figuring out who you want the future you to be. 


Module Highlights:

  • Become a mind ninja with new beliefs
  • Imagine and create a future you 
  • Take massive action to build your dreams

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


A Better Weigh MD
(A $3200 Value)


  • 16 modules/36 lessons

    teaching you everything you need to know to create a different relationship with food so you can lose weight for good.
  • An Individualized Eating Plan

    Using a science based framework, you will create a plan that allows you to eat the foods you like and lose weight.  No more counting calories, measuring amounts or being hungry.
  • A Certified Weight Loss Coach

    You have access to an Advanced Certified Physician Weight Loss Coach who also happens to be trained in the science of obesity.  
  • Flexibility

    Your lessons are video based and available for you online when you are ready to move forward.  You learn at your own pace and in the style that works best for you.  
  • A New Mindset

    You learn how to navigate life on your own terms.  You are in control and create the life you want including the weight you want to lose.  

You'll be given access to a new module every week so you will have ample time to learn the course work and put into practice what you learn.  This program is designed to keep you from being overwhelmed and allow you to keep moving forward towards your weight loss goals.  AND you have your very own coach who will keep you motivated.  

Plus These Bonuses to Help You 


Bonus 1

16 weeks of one-on-one coaching

Working with a certified weight loss coach is the difference between your previous weight loss attempts and your future success.  

(A $2000 Value)

What You’ll Get:

We meet twice weekly at a time that's most convenient for you.  Our sessions are live and online affording you confidentiality and flexibility plus you have access to me online for any questions between sessions or to just review your protocol.

  • Creates accountability
  • Gets to the why you overeat
  • Shows you how your mind creates your reality
Bonus 2

A Better Weigh Handbook 

An inclusive review of the science behind the program written by Dr. Andrea Moore.   

(A $50 Value)

What You’ll Get:

You will get insights into the cause of our current weight gain epidemic and the health risks associated with weight.  This handbook gives you both the physiology and the biochemistry of weight  so you can understand why gaining weight  is not a moral failing.  

  • Easy to understand
  • Learn why insulin resistance drives weight gain
  • Answers your questions about the nutrition aspect of the program
Bonus 3

Printable Worksheets

Comprehensive self-study material that helps you master the major concepts.

(A $525 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 33 PDFs that create awareness
  • Access to the online version for at least 12 months 
  • Ability to download and use again and again

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

A Better Weigh MD - $3200 Value

  • Bonus 1 - $2000 Value
  • Bonus 2 - $50 Value
  • Bonus 3 - $525 Value

Total Value: $2575

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $5775

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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100% Money Back Guarantee

This course is life changing.  If you are willing to give it your all and you don't lose weight during our time together, I will refund your money.   Complete all of the modules and attend all of our coaching sessions and  you will get your full investment of $3200 back if you don't lose a pound.  

Frequently Asked Questions

 What our most successful clients asked before joining A Better Weigh MD

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Still thinking about it?

 You’re Ready to Achieve permanent weight loss If

  1. You are willing to go all in and do the work to change your metabolism and your mindset
  2. You are ready to stop calorie counting and micromanaging every bite and learn how to eat with purpose
  3. You have proven that you have discipline and determination to lose weight but you want this to be the last time
  4. You are ready to give up using food to feel better and are committed to processing all of your emotions
  5. You are ready to move past menopause as an excuse and instead celebrate your third quarter.
  6. You are willing to be coached and open to doing all the things.  
  7. You want this to be the first  day of the last time you ever lose weight

I can’t wait for you to join A Better Weigh MD

For over a decade I struggled to lose my baby weight.  I tried all the diets and all the fads.  I even went and achieved board certification in Obesity Medicine.  But it wasn't enough.  Then I found coaching and it transformed my relationship with food, my weight and my self image.  Coaching gave me so much more than just weight loss.  I learned confidence and how to create a life well lived. 

I created this program or women over 40 who want to go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with failed weight loss attempts to being confident and in control around food.  Menopause saps enough energy we don't need the drama draining of the hot mess express of dieting.  I want to help you create a third quarter you love.  

What, besides weight.  do you have to lose?  This offer is risk free.  If you do the work and don't lose the weight, you get a full refund.  


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