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The only way you can fail at this is to quit.  NEVER QUIT. 


My Story

I'm Dr. Andrea Moore but my friends call me Dre.  At 52, I'm a wife and mother of two, board certified OB/GYN, Obesity Medicine doc and certified Weight Loss Coach.  Wearing all of these hats keeps me on my toes, but learning how to stop using food to feel better was the answer I needed to lose weight and keep it off for good.  SO how did I do it? 


I can tell you it wasn't by counting calories or macronutrients.  Shoot, I spent my forties constantly looking for the right diet plan or the right exercise regimen but could never stick to anything long term.  I became board certified in Obesity Medicine so I could help my patients and help myself in the process.  Guess what?  For me it wasn't enough.   Oh I knew the science, but I still felt out of control around food.  I still found myself trying to manage my stress with sugar and alcohol.  I continued to beat myself up for not following my newest diet and I continued to gain weight.   So what changed?

It wasn't the food.  Through the amazing internet I learned about a program, Weight Loss for Doctors Only.  I signed up because I felt I had nothing left to lose.  Let me tell you.  This program was life changing from the get go.   I learned why I couldn't trust myself around food and alcohol.  I learned why I could be so successful in all other areas of my life yet fail at losing weight. Most importantly,  I learned the only thing keeping me from losing weight for good was my brain.  This new way of thinking about weight gain was so revolutionary I decided I too had to become certified as a Life and Weight Loss Coach. 

But here is the best part.   I can help YOU figure it all out too.  I take the science and together we create a new way for you to start the process of losing weight and getting rid of cravings.   And then, as your personal Weight Loss Coach, I help you learn all the tools to keep you on track.  Together we will help you create the confidence and energy in order to create the life you were meant to have.   Contact me for a free twenty minute consultation.  You have nothing to lose but weight!


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