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Top Ten Tips To Thin

Number Ten:  Stop Dieting

Stop counting calories and measuring your food.  Seriously.  Diets don't work.  Research from the past 50 years has irrefutably shown that restricting your caloric intake won't help you lose weight long term.  Our bodies have evolved to withstand long periods of starvation.  Dieting looks a lot like starvation.  Your body will slow your metabolism and increase your hormones that make you hungry.  Instead of trying to beat thousands of years of evolution, learn to use food as it was meant to be, for fuel.  Learn to use the energy that you have stored on your body to fuel your body.  How?  Read on.  


Number Nine:  Change your Metabolism

In order to use fat as fuel you have to tach your body to stop using short-term sugar as an energy source.  The only way to do this is to stop eating flour and sugar in the amount that you currently do.  Give up ALL flour and ALL sugar for six weeks to give your metabolism a reboot.  Yes, you can do this and no, it won't kill you.  In fact, you will feel great!


Number Eight:  Eat More Fat

What????I know we've all been raised to think that fat is bad and it's true that some fats are terrible for your cardiovascular health.  But some fats are good for you and help you with your hunger signals.  We need healthy fats like Omega 3s found in olives, nuts and fatty fish.  Our brains need these fats to work right and they taste good.  


Number Seven:  Stop Over Eating

The underlying reason for weight gain is overeating.  By overeating I mean you are giving your body more fuel than it needs.  This is caused either by being too hungry (from eating poorly) or by using food to feel better.  Let's face it.  Food carries a lot of emotional baggage for many of us.  Learn to. eliminate emotional eating by working with me one-on-one.  


Number Six:  Be Kind

Be kind to yourself.  The constant criticism from your brain hasn't made you thin yet so stop believing everything your brain tells you.  Instead, create a solid friendship with your body.  Your body was with you when you were born and will be with you when you die.  Treat it accordingly.  Destress.  Sleep.  Stay hydrated.  Pet your dog.  Exercise.   In other words, be kind. 


Number Five:  Eat Three Meals

Or two meals but stop snacking.  The constant grazing is giving you a constant level of insulin which keeps you from losing weight.  Work on eating regular meals and stop eating the extra stuff.  


Number Four:  Drink More Water

Drink enough water that your urine is clear.  You wouldn't bathe in Dr. Pepper so why are you washing your kidneys with that stuff?  Add water to your typical hygiene regimen and stop drinking the artificial crap too.  


Tip Three:  Eat Protein

Did you know there is an ideal amount of protein for weight loss?  Protein is necessary building block for muscle too so eat your protein.  What's a protein?  Anything that has a mother is a protein.  Experiment with plant based proteins as well but work on eating your protein in a one ingredient form.  No bars, powders or other stuff.  


Tip Two:  Record Your Data

Recording what, when and why you eat is the only way to create more awareness around eating.  Don't think of it as journaling but think of it as data collection.  Become an investigator for what works for your body.  


Number One:  Never Quit

My clients will tell you that my mantra is "you can't fail if you don't quit".  Weight loss is a life long process.  You have to be diligent to become an expert on your own nutritional and emotional needs.  It's not easy but food can become fuel for you.  Food truly has no control over you outside your own brain.  You can learn to harness your thoughts and emotions in a way that gives you a pathway to long term weight loss success.  


So there you have it.  My top 10 tips to getting thin.  Sign up today for my email list and get my weekly blog delivered right to you.  You will also receive information about any upcoming seminars or program openings.  Besides weight, what do you have to lose?

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